Sujlin Jeba Malar J

I am at present pursuing my professional studies on Development Administration at Gandigram Rural Research Institute, Dindugul, Tamil Nadu. I am a girl child of a single mother and I could reach this level because of the guidance and training received from Sigaram Academy of Excellence. I have been a beneficiary of both Educare and Women Education and Empowerment programs. Sigaram has been imparting value-based career education, academic knowledge and kindled my leadership skills. I am sure that Sigaram will be journeying with me until I reach my goals. Specially I thank Sigaram for making difference in my life and lives of girls like me in our area.

Thenmozhi Sarabin

I am Thenmozhi pursuing my Masters cum Research studies at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research one of the primer science educational institutes in India. I would like to pursue my research in the field of Vaccinology to play a great leadership role in the public health. I have been motivated, guided, nurtured, coached and trained by Sigaram Academy of Excellence. Sigaram has been providing best academic support to prepare for my Entrance Examination with great personal care. Sigaram has been also guiding me to shape and mold my attitudes, values and life skills. I specially thank Sigaram for making a difference in my life and career. I am very much grateful to Stichting Ladder for their selfless support.

Benycia Suresh

I am Benycia Suresh and at present I am pursuing my higher studies – B.Tech Aerospace Engineering at Indian Institute Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram. This institute is under Indian Space Research Organization providing high quality education on space sciences, space technology and space applications. I could reach this institute because of the training and coaching given by Sigaram Academy of Excellence. Sigaram has been focusing on building a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts in students for their success and providing an excellent platform for the preparation of competitive and entrance examinations. There are only few women in this field and as a girl I am proud that I can take up a leadership in this field. I thank Stichting Ladder also for the support they have been doing.


John Jacklin Malar

I am from a vulnerable family and Sigaram has been helping me to come out of this vulnerability helping me to build confidence and building hope in me. I am preparing myself to face the National Eligibility and Entrance Test – Medicine and dreaming to serve in the field of Health and Medicine. I had joined Sigaram when I was studying 9 th std and Sigaram has been my second family. Sigaram has been nurturing, laying strong academic foundation and enhancing my skills and knowledge. I have been trained through Educare program and I must thank Stichting Ladder for their support for the education and empowerment of women.

Dharshini K S

I am Dharshini from an economically backward family and I am studying medicine at a Medical College in Tamil Nadu. I could reach this Hight because of the very well-focused classes, well planned training programs, coaching and guidance by Sigaram Academy of Excellence. I was very fearful and shy and Sigaram had helped me to overcome my fears and it made my journey a glorious part of my life. Managing team and Faculty at Sigaram are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated too. I must specially thank Sigaram for making difference in the lives of girls like me. I am grateful to Stichting Ladder for their special option to help girls like me.

Raksshana A

I am a girl child from a vulnerable family and now I am studying 9 th Std. I am a student of Sigaram Educare Program and I have been studying at Sigaram from my 6 th std. I am dreaming to become a Medical Researcher and to take up a leadership role in the field of Public Health. It has been a pleasant and empowering experience for me studying at Sigaram Academy of Excellence. Sigaram has been teaching me with conceptual clarity and making me understand and to solve the problems in the subjects. Field study programs, Group discussions and workshops are organized to help us to enhance our knowledge and skills. The atmosphere of teaching and learning is very positive and we enjoy learning here. I must thank Sigaram and Sticting ladder for helping us to march towards a great future.


Linu Xavier S

I have just completed my 8 th Std.  I have been studying at sigaram since my 6 th std. Its Sigaram which has helped me to fix my career and I want to become a defense officer. I am proud to say that I have cleared NMMS scholarship exam and All India sainik Schools Entrance Exam. It’s because of the coaching, training and guidance I have been receiving from Sigaram. Really, we enjoy learning here because Sigaram is a family for us always motivating and building confidence. I am very grateful to Fr. Sebastian, the director for his friendly and meticulous guidance. I thank Stichting Ladder for the support and guidance.